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The Music Issue: Post Post

August 10, 2010 by Lauren Van Schaik in 0 comments
Cover story, Philadelphia Weekly, August 10, 2010 After two years, one lineup shuffle, one Spring Break minivan tour, and countless dorm basement and bar gigs, college wunderkinds Post Post are releasing their second EP, putting a professional sheen on their plucky, pop-dazzled rock. Residents is an earnest, four-track burst of guitar-driven indie, frosted over with ripples of synth and edged with clever, if cryptic, lyrics. If it sounds effortless, it’s a testament to the upstart determination of these twentynothing Bryn Mawr and Haverford students—Michelle Zauner (guitar, lead vocals), Kevin O’Halloran (bass, vocals), Marisa Helgeson (synth, vocals) and Casey Sowa (drums, vocals). They compare the production of the EP to “giving birth,” and lament that some of the EP’s “surrogate mothers” didn’t take the band and their ideas seriously. “I’ve learned that if you’re young and a girl you have to be a bitch to have anyone respect you,” Zauner says. Maybe as a consequence they’re a “really anal band,” obsessively involved in all parts of the EP’s production. They’ve held true to the DIY ethos of 2009’s Meta Meta, a scrappy but winning album recorded with “Garage Band and five mics” over two days in Bryn Mawr’s Multicultural Center. For all the […]