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Event Pick: Russian Dolls at Bistrot La Minette

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Philadelphia Weekly, July 20, 2010

As any self-loathing, college educated American knows, the French just do it better. Art, fashion, kissing, health care, counterintuitive spellings—they have us gauche, HMO-saddled Americans beat. Bistrot La Minette seeks to save us from our cheeseburger gobbling selves with two things the French do really well: food and movies. Every Monday and Thursday this summer the restaurant is redefining the old date formula of dinner and a movie, serving up glorious French dishes and cinema in their garden courtyard. Consider it the bistrot’s noble attempt to rescue modern romance from the clutches of Applebee’s and Twilight. This week’s movie is Russian Dolls, a breezy, pan-European tryst with an effortlessly gorgeous cast of jet-setting Frenchmen. With Chef Peter Woolsey’s menu brimming with classic French delicacies and imported wines and Audrey Tautou, requisite star of all French films, fluttering on the big screen, you can indulge that Euro-envy and pretend for a little while that you’re one of them. (Lauren Smith)

Movie at 8:30pm. Free with dinner. Bistrot La Minette, 623 S. Sixth St. 215.925.8000. bistrotlaminette.com

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