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First Friday: Andrew Holmquist, Mike Andrews and Easton Miller at Jolie Laide

September 28, 2010 by in Uncategorized


Philadelphia Weekly, September 28, 2010

This month at Jolie Laide, brushstrokes hatch out patterns, yarn explodes into knitted bedlam and insulation is caked in Neapolitan stripes. Though their choices of medium are different—paint, yarn, building materials—Andrew Holmquist, Mike Andrews and Easton Miller share a delight in dynamic textures and surfaces. Holmquist plays with the possibilities of paint application—grimacing faces bite into his textural paint blurs, with jagged teeth and sharp eyes reminiscent of de Koonings’ women. Andrews creates tangled tapestries—knitting mishaps and unhinged potholders raveled into outlandish quilts. His works are messy eruptions of yarn: Sheila Hicks’ wall hangings unspooled and grafted onto Grandma’s homemade sweaters or gigantic scarves knitted by Timothy Leary. And Miller has apparently riffled through fabric stores, Home Depots and coin-operated toy dispensers to turn up the textiles, polymers and keychains he incorporates into his painting-sculpture crossbreeds. Foam insulation crawls in contours over and under lattices of acrylic paint, rabbit’s-foot keychains dangle from canvases of basketball covering and red eyes glare out of a noodly plane of fireplace and pond sealants. Their triple stare is penetrating: This is art that encroaches on your space—and looks back at you. (Lauren Smith)

Through Oct.30.
Jolie Laide,
224 N. Juniper St.

Image: Jolie Laide.

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