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‘Guarding’ London’s Disused Buildings

November 18, 2013 by in Journalism


London Student, November 18, 2013

Anderson House is slated to be razed: initial notices to tenants said by 1st April 2014, but these manufactured regenerations operate on erratic timetables. Ione, 27, moved here last October, months after the building’s fate was decided, and it’s come to feel like home.

Her third-floor maisonette is a mid-century relic, a tidy allotment of middle class aspiration tucked into in a row with two dozen others. It’s slowly crumbling, and the kitchen is a cubbyhole – today’s upwardly mobile white goods look elephantine in there – but Ione has splashed bright paint around, tacked art to the walls, and had the leak in the roof fixed. Her neighbours provided screwdrivers and DIY guidance; they have a lively Google Group where they advertise local volunteering opportunities and coordinate cocktail crawls through the building.

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